Scalp Circulation Activator *New*

Discover the power of menthol-cooling essential oils, mindfully blended to help improve circulation and increase blood flow in the scalp to reduce hair loss. Formulated with a trio of organic mint plant extracts, eucalyptus and the vibrational power of crystal-infused aquamarine.

Large size elixir: 50ml / 1.69fl.oz
Glass bottle, boxed

Sale price£69.00

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Formulated with


Comforting, calming, cooling


Menthol stimulating


Hydrating + follicle strengthening


Scalp health + nourishing


Dive into a new era of skincare for the scalp and immerse your roots in the soothing power of aquamarine-charged crystals in a cooling, menthol-enriched formula.

Blended with a powerful trio of organic mint essential oils – corn mint, spearmint and peppermint – along with the refreshing essence of eucalyptus. The invigorating menthol ingredients help improve circulation in the scalp by creating a vasodilation (increase of blood) to the roots to support and deliver nutrients for improved hair growth, making it the perfect addition to your holistic skincare for the scalp routine.

This lightweight blend helps to hydrate your hair and scalp as part of your essential scalp care routine, without weighing it down.

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