The Hair Restorer Signature Oil

Discover the power of 15 nutrient-rich essential and carrier oils, mindfully blended for ultimate hair health and growth. Experience Romafolli’s unique fusion of nature and crystal-infused nourishment of aventurine and hibiscus flowers.

2024 BEAUTY SHORTLIST AWARDS - BEST HAIR TREATMENT (revitalising/therapeutic)

Large size elixir: 50ml / 1.69fl.oz
Glass bottle, boxed

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Formulated with


Comfort, healing + wellbeing


Follicle repair and growth


Strength and restoration


Rebalance and hydrate


Experience hair regrowth, improved circulation and a radiant shine with our natural nutrient-rich hair restoring oil blend, infused with crystal aventurine and hibiscus flower. 

This lightweight blend helps to strengthen hair follicles, build hair fibres, and restore hair health for natural growth and overall wellbeing. Hydrate your hair and scalp without weighing it down. 

Massage the hair strengthening oil into the scalp to stimulate positive energy in hair follicles and enjoy a captivating aroma of hibiscus, grapefruit and neroli. Discover the uplifting, mood-enhancing benefits of these essential oils for a holistic hair and scalp care experience.

Customer Reviews

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Transformative, natural solution for thinning hair and improved hair density

I cannot express how delighted I am with the impressive results I've achieved using Romafolli's Hair Restorer Signature Oil. At 56 years old, dealing with thinning hair has been a concern, but this product has truly exceeded my expectations. I use the oil once a week, and the density of my hair has noticeably improved over many months.

During my last appointment with my hairdresser, just before she started applying highlights, she remarked on the increased thickness of my hair. I felt delighted; this provided the ultimate validation, confirming that the oil was truly making a real difference. I purposely kept my use of the oil a secret from her, and she observed the noticeable increase in thickness.

My primary goal was to enhance the density and thickness of my hair, and this oil has helped me achieve that goal. The results have been so impressive that I'm eagerly starting my next bottle - the bottle lasts for several months, ensuring that my scalp care is covered. The prospect of further improvement has me excited, and I can confidently say the Hair Restorer Signature Oil has become my go-to solution for addressing thinning hair and promoting a healthier scalp.

If you're looking for a reliable and effective solution to combat hair loss and improve hair density, consider this your hair hero. The results speak for themselves.

Paula, Deal, Kent

Anne A
Signature Oil

My hair is looking healthy after having used Romafolli oils for more than 6 months! My sister in law, a hairdresser, noticed also the difference when visiting her in Finland. She would like to start using your oils as well: 55 years & menopause > thinning hair.

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