Experience deeply nourishing, natural scalp care for powerful hair regeneration

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Holistic skincare for your scalp … watch as loss becomes growth and thinning becomes fullness ...

Embrace nature, reverse hair loss holistically


Of our ingredients
are natural and organic


Of all men
experience excess hair loss and
hair thinning by age 70


Of all women
experience excess hair loss and
hair thinning by age 50


Raise the vibration of your daily scalp care

Our luxury range of holistic hair oils are infused with charged crystals in the blend to promote a healing energy through the natural scalp oil. Discover your ultimate scalp synergy ritual; empower your scalp today with the fusion of ancient healing for healthy, organic hair.

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Holistic natural
hair regrowth

Powered by nature
from plant extracts

Natural & organic
+ nutrient-rich

Essential oils infused
with healing crystals

About Romafolli

Romafolli was created by experts in nutrition and essential oils, specialising in natural, organic and effective formulations infused with crystals and botanicals.

‘Our mission is to fight hair loss with a holistic approach that works to restore healthy, natural hair.’

Romafolli was founded on a passion for wellness, self-care and confidence, with the goal of connecting mind, body and soul for hair health and overall wellbeing. This forms a holistic healing space that supports you on your journey towards optimal hair health and vitality.

A healthy scalp sets the foundation for thicker and fuller hair. Embark on your Romafolli hair journey today and elevate your scalp care routine with the revitalising properties of natural oils for hair growth.

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