We are at the start of our sustainability journey and setting standards from the outset that will be kept under review and improved. We are equally concerned about what goes into our formulations and materials as we are about their impact on the planet.

Upcycle your bottle

Our bottles are crafted from glass and are recyclable, including the glass component of the pipette. You may be reluctant to part company with the aesthetically pleasing angular bottle, so have you thought about upcycling the bottle? Here are some ideas for your empty, clean bottle …

The strikingly coloured glass bottle will stand out on a bathroom or bedroom window sill, with light behind to show off the colour. Or perhaps fill with more crystals, convert to a reed diffuser, fill with a flower or two to create a vase, transform to a mini-planter, turn into art, make a light feature by adding micro sparkling lights …  get inventive and share your bottle #Upcycle ideas with us on Instagram – we’d love to see them. #GreenRoma 

NB: There are elements of the bottle that are not recyclable at this time; this is being kept under review.

Ingredients & crystals

Our suppliers of ingredients and crystals have been carefully chosen and selected to ensure they are operating in an ethical and sustainable way that aligns with our brand. We are on a mission to make our products as organic and pure as possible.

Product packaging

The paper chosen for our product packaging is made from Elemental Chlorine Free pulp, is acid free and is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The foil stamping (not to be confused with aluminium foil lamination) design on our product boxes is vegan, compostable and biodegradable, ensuring the whole box is recyclable.

Postal packaging

Printed in the UK – made with water-based, non-toxic inks from vegetable and other natural sources. Flexographic printed, using up to 30% less ink than alternative methods.

Our branded packaging tape is biodegradable and plastic free, made from kraft paper to make recycling your boxes easier. Our eco-friendly tissue paper is 100% circular and can be composted or recycled after use.

100% sustainable
sourced from managed forests

100% recyclable plastic free
no petrochemicals, including PBAT

100% home compostable
for our green-fingered customers